20: The Mothman Prophecies

We’re back and we’ve brought a creepy winged friend! On this month’s Necronominom we discuss The Mothman Prophecies – the film and then the book upon which the film was based. The story behind the Mothman was not what we expected, so prepare for some surprises and maybe even a little bit of disappointment if you were expecting a plausible tale involving a strange beast.

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18: 31 and Halloween Kidnappings

In this month’s Necronominom Matt and Jenna discuss 31, the latest film by Rob Zombie. They also look into the statistic that inspired the film: that more people go missing on Halloween than any other night of the year!

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17: The Texas Chainsaw Massacre and Ed Gein – the ghoul who inspired the film

On this month’s Necronominom we discuss one of the most influential horror films of all times and one of the most influential killers of all time: The Texas Chainsaw Massacre and Ed Gein.

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Multiple Nerdgasm Podcast

177: Where Do Baby Pokemon Come From?

Pokémon Go has taken the pokéworld by pokéstorm! There is so much pokénews to get through, I dunno how we pokémanaged to talk about anything else in this pokéepisode.

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15: Scream and Copy-Cat Killers

Do you like scary movies? We do! That’s why we are back to talk about them again! This week, we are discussing the 1996 comedy slasher film, Scream, the inspiration for the film and real life copy cat killers.

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6: Drag Me To Hell and Gypsy Curses

This episode we discuss Drag Me To Hell, the 2009 film directed by Sam Raimi. This film is a favourite of ours so we hope you enjoy.

Apologies for Jenna’s audio in this episode – we had a technical malfunction with her equipment. Back to normal next episode!

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