305: One Big Kitty

Sad news this week as we learn that Luke may not be able to get to Mars after all. If you happen to have some sort of space craft and can’t find a use for it then please get in touch so we can send him on his way. Mars One files for bankruptcy Red Sonya on hold CD Projekt Red coughs up some cash Katy Perry felt left out Making a Murderer is still going on Down south your coupons get political We hate prank shows but this is pretty funny Deadmau5 banned from Twitch for yelling slurs Star Wars Episode IX has finished shooting

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Multiple Nerdgasm Podcast

227: Dirty Chewbacca

Dan is away this week so he misses out as Luke teaches us some Star Wars moves. We also talk about the state of the Cripple on Mars initiative, The Rock running for president and a lot more!

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