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Save File Episode 41

Hannah shares a bold vision for the Star Wars film franchise while a sleep-deprived Luke wants to smell like an Xbox and avoid using math in his day-to-day life. What's new with you?

Save FileMatt Hamm
Save File Episode 40

Everything is awesome, except for the Forza DLC which doesn't quite live up to Luke's expectations. Luke also shares his picks from the E3 and would like to remind Microsoft that he is absolutely willing to get more Halo tattoos in exchange for moving up the queue for Project Scarlett.

Save FileMatt Hamm
Save File Episode 39

This week Luke learnt absolutely nothing about Egypt from Assassin's Creed: Origins. We also wildly speculate about E3 announcements, one of us a little more wildly than the other. 

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Save FileMatt Hamm
Save File Episode 37

Apologies in advance everyone - Luke is possibly a little more gin drunk than usual in this one. The important thing is that we're having fun and have some great games to recommend to you this week! 

Save FileMatt Hamm
Save File Episode 36

In a daring break from tradition, Luke has been playing more games this week. Would you like to play a brief battle of Brief Battles? Listen out for Luke's cryptic clues!

Save FileMatt Hamm
Save File Episode 34

Luke can never be left alone. He's had a very emotional week after finally finishing The Walking Dead for the first time, but don't worry, he'll play it through at least a couple more times. Also apparently review bombing is fine, as long as it's positive, so if people would like to review bomb our podcasts Luke is ok with it.

Save FileMatt Hamm
Save File Episode 33

This week Hannah played a game because Sims 4 totally counts. However this does pale a little in comparison to Luke becoming one of the top 500 Xbox Achievements people in the world. Only a little, though.

Save FileMatt Hamm
Save File Episode 32

Luke will never work with food, unless it's in a video game and there are achievements. It's a vow he made as a youth and he's stuck to it. Top points for consistency.

Save FileMatt Hamm
Save File Episode 31


Luke has been playing Phoenix Wright, Attorney-at-Law and learning a lot about the legal system.


Luke claims the only thing he's learnt this week is WJCBB-5RRJK-9B3RJ-6XT3T-CBZBF. Is it zed or zee? You say potato, I say enjoy some golden keys in Borderlands. Please also join a trip down memory lane with Final Fantasy VII, Borderlands, animal deaths in children's films and Assassin's Creed. 

Save FileMatt Hamm
Save File Episode 30

Everything old is new again when you remaster games. This week we talk Borderlands, Walking Dead and Skyrim Grandma! Also, if you own Sea of Thieves, get in contact. Luke has a ship to crew (he calls Captain, though).

Save FileMatt Hamm
Save File Episode 29

This week Hannah is pro-vax and Luke is anti-Matt and it's all Google's fault or something. A little indie title called The Division 2 is out and Luke is counting down to a future where he can play the Master Chief Collection on all the platforms (but with more achievements, please).

Save FileMatt Hamm
Save File Episode 28

What did New Zealand ever do to Luke? No, really, please tell us because Luke has a surprising amount of dislike in his heart for a pretty amazing place.
This week, Hannah requests that whoever is in charge of these things please release Fable 4 and re-release Black & White, as she has unfinished business. Luke discusses games that actually exist like Far Cry New Dawn, and some that don't, such as Fallout New Dawn before giving away a steam key.

Save FileMatt Hamm
Save File Episode 27

Did you know Luke had cancer? Such a man of mystery who could totally still rock a mohawk if he wanted to.
The embargo has finally lifted so we can talk about Toejam and Earl! Tune in to hear why it's this week's top pick, as well as Luke mourning his youth.

Save FileMatt Hamm
Save File Episode 26

This week Hannah had a fun fact that was both fun and a fact. While we're on the topic of odd occurrences, the people have not listened to Luke again and aren't giving Anthem a chance. 
We are also starting to think about E3 - Sony has pulled out, does this mean there's space for Luke to attend? Stay tuned to find out.

Save FileMatt Hamm
Save File Episode 25

This week we agree the Olympics are right to ignore eSports and wrong to not bring back tug of war. The controversy doesn't end here - Luke also has strong opinions on Anthem and even stronger feelings on cross-platform gaming.

Save FileMatt Hamm
Save File Episode 24

Let's explore the galaxy! Or seven adorable planets' worth in Astroneer! We still don't understand what Kingdom Hearts is about or what Terry Crewes is cracking down in Crackdown 3, but there's a lot to be excited about this week and everyone's invited - just like Luke's birthday parties.

Save FileMatt Hamm
Save File Episode 23

Not even an introductory five cut scenes could explain Kingdom Hearts 3 to Luke, but he has bravely carried on in the name of achievements.
This week he has also tried playing Apex Legends, World Enduring Rally and money laundering. The last was not a game to anyone involved and he is no longer allowed back at the bank. Please pledge at Patreon so he can keep buying gin.

Save FileMatt Hamm
Save File Episode 22

I don't know, it all feels a bit samey. This week Luke enters the terrible twos with Life is Strange 2 and Resident Evil 2. He would also like it if someone recapped Kingdom Hearts 1 and 2 so he's ready for the full Donald experience next week. 
In the meantime, everyone is invited to Hannah's birthday party so please keep March free. 

Save FileMatt Hamm
Save File Episode 21

We're back after a very extended Christmas! We missed you too much tp stay away. 
It turns out that VR is the gateway to smoking. This was not covered in any of the peer pressure talks Luke was given as a teenager so he's not sure where to go from here. The tobacconist? 
In other news, Luke reviews the Grand Tour, the new Walking Dead episodes and pledges his eternal allegiance to Toejam Earl while Hannah tries to remember how to speak English. Good times.

Save FileMatt Hamm