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150: Twatter

Your favourite nerds are back with another week of ramblings. We've got Dick News, Cripple Crimes and Star Wars News. In that way, I guess it's similar to most episodes we record but if you don't like it, why do you keep coming back for more?Links:

144: Biggs Warrawee
143: #NotAllPenguins
142: The Witness Stocks
141: Ghost Fetus
137: The Taint Trick
136: Trudy Tective

We're all back this week and we've got some live recordings from EB Expo, some news from Terry Smallshoe and whole lot of stupid stuff to talk about.Links:

135: Just the Two of Us

It's two thirds week at Multiple Nerdgasm and Luke and Matt are here to please your ears with a quickie.Links:

134: Band-AIDs Solution
133: The Determinator

Grab your cape and head to the graveyard, it's time for another episode of Multiple Nerdgasm!Links:

128: Korean BJ Time
126: Do Catfish Have Scottish Accents?

It's a cryptological week here at Multiple Nerdgasm and we've got all the latest news regarding our maybe imaginary animal friends. Also pop singers who died years ago, eating disorders, black face and old movies. Oh and some video games and stuff.Links:

125: Shows About Retards

Sit back and listen to the smooth sounds of Terry's voice as he reads you some documentary research he's done.Links:

123: Erection Friendly Onesies

Join us and the extended Smallshoe family for another week of sort of up-to-date news on video games, Michael Jackson and Batman's 1960 The Joker, Cesar Romero.Links

116: Sexy Lady Luke
115: The Truth Behind John Halo