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305: One Big Kitty

Sad news this week as we learn that Luke may not be able to get to Mars after all. If you happen to have some sort of space craft and can't find a use for it then please get in touch so we can send him on his way.

298: Come and Gone
265: Punching the Cannibal

Dan has generously offered his time for another episode of Multiple Nerdgasm. This is especially magnanimous of him considering the reason for his absence last week.We promise no Infinity War late-viewers were harmed in the making of this episode. There are no spoilers.Links:

258: A Breash of Freth Air
238: All Kanye

No that isn’t guest host Tom Waits, it’s Dan with a cold. And Matt isn’t in France he’s in French Canada, wherever that is. And Luke, well Luke’s the same as always. This week we discuss vagina beer, sex doll abuse, Assassins Creed, and find out just how famous the Multiple Nerdgasm guys are. Spoilers, not at all famous.

183: The Dragon Strap-On

Whether you're the original version of yourself or simply a copy constructed during the process of teleportation, we think you'll enjoy this week's episode. If you've ever wanted to hear Matt admit he plays a sport, Luke talk about what he'd do with a copy of himself, or Dan eat some soup - we've got you covered.

174: Nature's Pocket
171: Ice Throat

As usual our listeners have sent in some weird stuff for us to talk about, and we're incredibly grateful. This episode is a whole hour late because Matt can't be trusted to post it on time. That's the last time Jenna trusts me to do anything. I could have lied about it I suppose, but I'm an honest man.Links:

168: Not All Fedoras
156: Out Arting Shia LaBeouf
133: The Determinator

Grab your cape and head to the graveyard, it's time for another episode of Multiple Nerdgasm!Links:

130: #MattMakesASandwich

Seems as if Matt is headed to Mars! Maybe he's not aware yet that there is no need to go all that way: he can buy a simulated Martian appendage right here on Earth.Links: