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294: Cancer Camp Smoker
290: Don't Forget About the Shame
284: AIDs of the Heart
278: Announcements About Space
267: Conan's Lower Back Problems

Our legal eagle has informed us that maybe we shouldn't be slandering people anymore. But we do it again anyway! In this episode Luke follows up with the Luke Reviews item that we have all been waiting for. Well...everyone besides Luke's wife.Links:

266: Look But Don't Touch

WARNING: We drop Infinity Wars Spoilers like it's hot. Stay away if you haven't seen it yet.Luke spent a bunch of money on an... item to review for the podcast. He does this for the fans regardless of whether or not they have asked for it or even want it. Now he is demanding reimbursement so give us some money on Patreon and slide into your new favourite podcast.Links:

204: No One Can John Hurt Him Anymore
175: Jeremy is a Little Bitch
Necronominom and the future of Multiple Nerdgasm!

As you may have noticed we have a new podcast on the site: The Necronominom Podcast.NecronominomThe Necronominom Podcast is a film review podcast hosted by Matt and Jenna.Matt you already know as one of the hosts of The Multiple Nerdgasm Podcast, Jenna you have heard before as the narrator of Tempting Fate, and both are staples of the specials channel as part of our event coverage.The show might be weekly, it might be fortnightly or it might just be occasional - it all depends on how much of it people want to hear. So if you enjoy The Necronominom Podcast please let us know! You can contact us using the social media icons at the top of the page, or by clicking the "Contact Us" button in the bottom right of the screen.Since we now have a few different things going on we have had to make some changes to the website, as you've probably noticed if you spend any time on here. We have plans in the works for a few other shows as well, so hopefully there will be more coming.This means changes for our Patreon backers too, currently the Patreon is only setup for our original podcast. We're going to make some changes over there to reflect the fact that we have more than one show now, and we'll send out an update to our backers so they are aware of what's happening and can adjust their pledges accordingly.If you have any feedback or if you just want to get in touch then please shoot us an email or a message, we really love hearing from you. Here's to an exciting 2016!

135: Just the Two of Us

It's two thirds week at Multiple Nerdgasm and Luke and Matt are here to please your ears with a quickie.Links:

132: I'm Just Luke First
128: Korean BJ Time
127: A Few Sneaky Bingos
120: Dracula vs The Nazis

Multiple Nerdgasm: your source for the most up to date Nic Cage news! What's that? There isn't any? What are we going to do with this jingle?!Links:

116: Sexy Lady Luke
104: Some Kind of Little Dragon

This episode sees the beginning of our new segment where Luke will tell you why criminals are stupid and how he could have done it better.Links: