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204: No One Can John Hurt Him Anymore
178: Question Time, Question Time

This week you're the star of the show! As long as you're one of the people who submitted a question for us. Hooray for you! And if you're not one of those people there's always next time. Literally next week, because it's going to be a weekly thing now. Hooray again!

177: Where Do Baby Pokemon Come From?
163: Fifty Four Bads
159: The Edgiest Esky

Luke's order has come in and he's got a lot to talk about. Is this a good episode? Signs point to yes. Do we want to see photos? My sources say no.Links:

145: The Real Ally McDeal
135: Just the Two of Us

It's two thirds week at Multiple Nerdgasm and Luke and Matt are here to please your ears with a quickie.Links:

128: Korean BJ Time
121: Something in the Jungle

Matt and Luke here to discuss  all things E3, Supanova and AIDS.

117: More Mullets
115: The Truth Behind John Halo
101: Lessons in Multiple Nerdgasm

We've finally made it to the triple digits! This week we discuss failures in Kickstarters, town names and keeping infidelities a secret.Links

95: Re-Er-Masterier

No matter how funny this episode is, something about it is probably offensive to someone and will set back humour by several years. Stay tuned for an exclusive interview!Links:

91: Extreme Haunted Poidcast

Rife with terrifying themes like summoning the dead (to ask stupid questions), survival horror games, zombie films, haunted houses that may actually kill you and the latest Shia LeBeouf news, this week's episode is just in time for Halloween.Links:


89: Kitten Lube

Grab your new Fleshlight LaunchPAD, call Dave on 04XX XXX XXX and prepare yourself for another episode.  However, if you haven't donated to our iSummon kickstarter by now, you probably don't deserve to get any alone time with any of us.  We don't work for free, you know.Seriously guys, donate. And while you're throwing money at us, grab a T Shirt from our merch store!In this episode:


86: The Ghost of Steve Jobs

This episode was supposed to come with a Kickstarter campaign, but we're still waiting on approval from Kickstarter. Rest assured that as soon as it becomes available (IF it becomes available) we will let you know! We're sure they're just busy cursing themselves for not thinking of this idea themselves.Links and stuff:

85: Kickstopper

If you've ever backed something on Kickstarter and have it blow up in your face (and we think everyone probably has by now) then this is the episode for you! We also Xboner news, Doom 4, Watch Doge, Dark Souls, Planet of the Apes and a whole lot more.Also Dave edited this weeks episode so please direct any complaints to 041X XXX XXX...Links and stuff: