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306: Complex Dance Manoeuvres

Ahh, kids these days. They will never excel in the workforce. Luke, on the other hand, will be an outstanding addition to your business. He will exceed your expectations and will never ask for a promotion. Contact us to see how you can hire him.


282: Off-brand Gasm
280: Enjoy Your Last Few Months

This week we consider the criterion necessary to become Geek of the Week. Turns out, just being in a Lady Gaga video does not get you the accolade.Links:

246: That's not science, that's just animals
242: The People's Podcast

Where is Luke? What is it safe to dress as for Halloween? What does The Rock call his penis? Get all the answers to your burning questions on the latest episode of Multiple Nerdgasm.Links:

232: Topless Dad Bods
231: A Bucks Worth Of Tay Tay

Thanks to a federal appeals court we're allowed to continue podcasting for the foreseeable future, so we hope you're enjoying the show - it's not going anywhere. Unless something we said this week gets us sued. It's always a possibility.Snigger along to genital news, some music news, game news, movie news and a healthy smattering of anecdotes.And as always let us know what you think of the show or just send us an abusive email: [email protected]

230: Tattooed and Sober

Matt's back from bear hunting, Dan's been watching Marvel movies and Luke is... sober?!? Join us for this week's episode to hear about all that and more!

225: Trollpikken

It's Independence Day! No the aliens aren't here, but we are and we come in peace bringing you this week's nerdy news, discussions and opinions. What happened to Norway's junk? What is NASA up to on Mars? Can I still purchase a bride at Disneyland? We answer all these questions and more!

176: Dant Man
170: Janes Bond
143: #NotAllPenguins
141: Ghost Fetus
98: Sparkling in the Sun