How much would you pay to see Luke's unholy attempt at a Baby Yoda robot? How much would you pay NOT to see it? Vote with your Patreon dollarydoos now.

This week Luke has been playing Lego Movie 2, Hannah has paid real world dollars for a digital butler and we offer a giveaway for the first time in forever.

Also, remember to always wear condoms. Always. 

2020 is officially the Year that Luke Delivers. This week Steph from Nerdazons joins us to nerd out over some upcoming movies. Meanwhile, Hannah learns that Doom and Dune are two separate things (who knew?) and Luke continues his boycott of the latest Little Women. Like Johnny Depp, Luke is Team Wynonna Forever

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This week sees the shocking news that Luke is retiring from competitive Fortnite, Erin has been playing some retro Kirby.

Planning also begins for the Multiple Nerdgasm trip to Disneyland so Luke can build a $200 lightsaber.

And just because here is a Steam key for Crash Bandicoot N Sans Trilogy. Only the one so best be fast to use it.


This week Erin is back and sits down with Luke, together they work out how to fix everything affecting the world today. Luke of course forgot to record this, so they sat down again and this is what you get.

Death Coming

Jim Browning – Inside a India scam centre

Scammer Payback – wasting scam callers time

Bernadette Banner – historical sewing adventures!