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65: The Star Factor

This week, Luke received a surprise present (his favourite type of surprise) but how the tables turn on Hannah by the end. Listen in to find out!

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64: Luke writes all the jokes

Luke is the opposite of stir crazy and is thoroughly enjoying the lockdown. In between being essential, he's found some time to try some PC games, Bleeding Edge and even finish Doom. 

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63: Part Two

Everyone's welcome to join Luke's new movie club that makes a point of watching the sequels, but think again if you're going to try and move to his Animal Crossing town. Meanwhile, Hannah is focused on normal people activities such as immortalising friends and family as townies in the Sims.

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61: It’s Canon

We can't help you sort your Star Wars legend from the canon, but Luke did follow through on a thing this week. If you would like to join him in the world of Shenmue, listen in! 

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60: My Co-star’s Coaster

Major Nelson has been a minor disappointment as Luke's new life guru so far, but Luke has still managed to follow through on a thing in between making his music theatre debut. Listen in to find out how you can play what Luke's playing this week.

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59: Ground Control to Major Nelson

Luke reveals the mystery game he was reviewing last week as well as his fear of spiders. Hannah asks the whether Han Solo is an octopus or a dog. Everyone agrees Disney should hire Luke already, Major Nelson needs to make Luke's life choices and Hannah shouldn't direct the next Star Wars.

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58: LAN Solo

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Luke has been gazzumped again by Game Pass. When will he learn to play through his video game stash first? This week Luke is inviting everyone to the (LAN) party. BYO pr0n. If that's not your scene, he will be sharing some amazing games over the next few weeks.

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57: Sher-locked Out Of Achievements

Luke has had a tough week. No one will help him hunt Nazis, a developer won't recertify a game in Australia just for him and the coronavirus may delay his next gen Xbox. What's next, a punch to the dick? Oh wait…

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56: A Little Bit Racy

How much would you pay to see Luke's unholy attempt at a Baby Yoda robot? How much would you pay NOT to see it? Vote with your Patreon dollarydoos now.

This week Luke has been playing Lego Movie 2, Hannah has paid real world dollars for a digital butler and we offer a giveaway for the first time in forever.

Also, remember to always wear condoms. Always. 

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