Luke is headed for the number one spot on the Xbox Achievement Ladder! Matt and Dan crap on about Disco Elysium a little bit more, but hopefully not too much. Disney is making sure kids don't accidentally catch a glimpse of a boob, but they're also trying to secretly mess with their sexual preferences? And Space X sent people into space, yay!!!

We're still talking about Disco Elysium this week, but we've also more of us have watch Picard, Matt has watched some of Discovery, Mythic Quest did a quarantine episode and as usual there are silly people out there creating funny news for us to discuss.

Luke is campaigning for a role in a major motion picture again. Maybe this is the one that catapults him into stardom? Coz it's a space movie.

Luke's got a house (and a webcam), Dan's got a new favourite TV show and Matt's got a disturbing story from his past that he maybe made up.

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We hope you’re all keeping safe out there! Here’s your weekly dose of nerd news to keep you company, we can’t be with you physically but we can talk at you digitally!

We somehow managed to end up with a full episode despite Matt's best efforts to sabotage things.

We’ve been playing a lot of video games and watching a lot of stuff since we can’t go outside anymore!