Multiple Nerdgasm make comedy podcasts about all the nerdy topics we love.

The original podcast was born in 2011 and years later it’s become a weekly ritual, plus we’ve expanded into multiple shows, segments, sketches and games – as much for our own entertainment as the listener’s.


Our Shows


The Multiple Nerdgasm Podcast

A weekly conversation between three friends discussing news, movies, video games, books, comics, tech and anything that we and our listeners might find interesting or amusing.


A film review podcast focusing on horror and cult films. We discuss some of the latest releases but we also jump back into our favourite classics and explore what made them so great.


We attend a lot of events like conventions and live shows and some of our specials are “live” recordings from those events. We also do one off episodes or short series about special topics from time to time. Basically anything that doesn’t fit into one of our other shows goes in here.


Our Hosts

Who the hell are you going to be listening to?


Matt is a musician with a love of video games and film. He’s written music for a number of games and film projects which makes him an expert in all areas of entertainment, much like our other hosts. Horror films, both good and bad, are of particular interest to Matt.


Luke is one of the kindest humans on the planet until you challenge him to a game in which case he will make it his mission to destroy you. His Xbox Gamerscore is a source of much pride and he spends much of his spare time playing video games. Luke is also an accomplished criminal theorist – while he would never actually commit a crime he’s very good at planning them.


Dan is an award winning film and television director and as such his opinions regarding movies and entertainment in general are extremely informed and accurate. His interests include midget watching, video games, and getting himself into incredible awkward social situations.


Jenna is a gamer and horror film fan from way back. If there’s a classic horror film she hasn’t seen then let us know so we can rectify that immediately. She has a particular love for films about vampires and films starring Harrison Ford, and her greatest regret is that those two genres have yet to overlap.


That’s who we are and these are our podcasts! We hope you enjoy and  we’d love to hear from you if you have any feedback at all. You can find us on most social networks using the icons at the top right or bottom left of the website, or you can hit the “Contact Us” link down in the bottom right to get in touch too.