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376: Oily and Slimy

Lots of Xbox news this week but not the news we were hoping for. Plus, Luke’s been beaten to market again, Matt’s been playing with time and Dan’s on a quest to meet our makers so he can dump black goo all over them.

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78: Bubbler Boy

For someone with a sweet new Lego set, Luke sure has a lot to complain about this week. Youths staying hydrated, too many awesome games coming out AND a Fable trailer made by one of his favourite studios? Unacceptable.

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375: Erotic Puppetry

We said we were going to keep it light this week but then Grant Imahara died and things went downhill from there. So it may not be light but hopefully it’s amusing.

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77: One More Thing…

Xbox please stop toying with Luke’s heart. He needs a console release date, not more awesome demos to hype him up for the new console! (But also please keep the sweet demos coming, there’s some cool stuff on the horizon)

373: Negotiations

Luke's making deals on the show this week coz he's gotta catch 'em all. Weird that he never got into Pokemon since he's just the sort that they target with that stuff.

372: Apollo Number 2

Lots going on both on the planet Earth but also in orbit around it. What am I talking about? Tune in this week to find out! Spoilers: it's space poop.