371: Delayed Overreaction

Lots happened this week! We've got streaming service shutdowns, silicon showdowns and game delay meltdowns.

370: Juice Sex

We've been playing video games again this week! They've also announced some new video games and some new hardware to play video games on. But it's not all video games because we talk about a diverse range of topics on this show. There's also movies and TV shows.

369: Pack It In

Luke's getting ready to move! We've watched a bunch of movies and tv shows this week, plus we've got some games to talk about. Not being able to go anywhere has done wonders for our content consumption.

368: Cleavage Denied

Luke is headed for the number one spot on the Xbox Achievement Ladder! Matt and Dan crap on about Disco Elysium a little bit more, but hopefully not too much. Disney is making sure kids don't accidentally catch a glimpse of a boob, but they're also trying to secretly mess with their sexual preferences? And Space X sent people into space, yay!!!