363: What’s In It For Me?

Luke's got a house (and a webcam), Dan's got a new favourite TV show and Matt's got a disturbing story from his past that he maybe made up.

362: Stimulcast

Did you receive a stimulus check and if so what did you blow it on? Write in and let us know [email protected]

361: Low Ballin’

We hope you’re all keeping safe out there! Here’s your weekly dose of nerd news to keep you company, we can’t be with you physically but we can talk at you digitally!

360: Matt Sux, Apple Sux, Joe Exotic F…

We somehow managed to end up with a full episode despite Matt's best efforts to sabotage things.

359: Have you Heard?

We’ve been playing a lot of video games and watching a lot of stuff since we can’t go outside anymore!