354: Take A Seat

This week Luke's got some real talk for all you gents out there. 

353: Science DEBUNKED

This week we prove that evolution is dumb and the Earth is flat.

351: Uncredited Lizard Head Man

Luke's been undercut on his Baby Yoda quote! We also talk Terminator: Dark Fate, Star Wars: Duel of the Fates and maybe for the first time we discuss emojis.

56: A Little Bit Racy

How much would you pay to see Luke's unholy attempt at a Baby Yoda robot? How much would you pay NOT to see it? Vote with your Patreon dollarydoos now.

This week Luke has been playing Lego Movie 2, Hannah has paid real world dollars for a digital butler and we offer a giveaway for the first time in forever.

Also, remember to always wear condoms. Always.