345: Rise of Skygasm

This episode is 99% Rise of Skywalker spoiler discussion and 1% jokes about Rian Johnson giving us a hand job, so if you haven't seen the movie, yet, don't care about the movie, or don't wanna hear us talking about it for an hour then maybe skip this one? But come back next week pretty please because we'll miss you!

Oh and happy holidays! We forgot to say that in the episode because of all the Star Wars.

51: Gingers Reunited

This week Erin is back and sits down with Luke, together they work out how to fix everything affecting the world today. Luke of course forgot to record this, so they sat down again and this is what you get.

Death Coming

Jim Browning – Inside a India scam centre

Scammer Payback – wasting scam callers time

Bernadette Banner – historical sewing adventures!

344: Reverse Digestion

There's a new Xbox coming, a bunch of movie trailers and Rise of Skywalker is out this week! This episode covers lots of stuff so dig in.

342: Cybertruckin’

If you've been unlocking achievements on Xbox Live, thinking maybe you were catching up to Luke since his score was stagnant, we've got some bad news for you. Also we've got some Star Wars news for you. A lot of Star Wars news. Oh and one of us ordered a Cybertruck. Guess who and unlock an achievement!