341: Baby Yoda

This episode is accidentally about 50% Star Wars so sorry if you're not interested in adorable little creatures and badass bounty hunters. We do talk about some other films too, plus a video game. It's a Star Wars video game. Sorry.

340: Maclunkey

Is Maclunkey the younger brother of hit 80s TV character Macgyver? Or is he some sort of noir gumshoe? Listen to this weeks episode to find out that, and more!

339: Ectogasm

Everybody's got their thing and apparently Luke's thing is ghost goo, who knew? What's your thing? Write in and let us kno… actually never mind. Don't do that.

Halloween 2019 Special – Fusion

Happy Halloween!

We've got a special episode for you – we played a horror role playing game for Halloween.

Dead of Night is a roleplaying game where you act out a horror movie, the film we came up with is called Fusion and it's a science fiction horror film set on a remote research outpost.

We hope you enjoy it, let us know if this is something you'd like to hear us do more often!