Month: August 2019

331: Joel Kinnaman’s Abs

If you've been thinking that it's hot outside then we can tell you why! It's because we're literally destroying our planet. No not us as in the hosts of this show, us as in the human race. You too? Yes, you too.

Oh also we talk about how much we like Joel Kinnaman, Neill Blomkamp and Star Wars.

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330: Malukett

Luke announces his plan to start streaming, in a few years once the rush is over.

This week's episode is a bit short and also missing a host, sorry about that! Something came up and we had to wrap up a bit early, but what we do have for you is grade A choice podcast of the highest quality*.

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Save File Episode 47

Luke is (mostly) packed and ready to go! But travel comes with a price – no games for weeks. What should he play first on his return? Let us know!

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329: The Old and the Confused

How about that new fangled Fornite video game? That looks pretty nifty. Just kidding, we know nothing about Fortnite or dancing or Ninja or any of the things the kids are into these days. Tune in to hear more about how old and irrelevant we are.

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Save File Episode 46

Wily Luke is up to his old tricks this week and would like someone to buy him an XBox S. Or a case of VB. He's not fussy.

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328: Tears In Rain

Sad news this week as we farewell a science fiction icon, but also some happy news as Luke is touched by another! We also talk about Popeye this week – possibly a first for the show. So enjoy that.

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