Month: July 2019

Save File Episode 45

This week we're inspired by Melania Trump (no, really) and invite everyone to help Luke reach the pinnacle of Xbox Achievements through our Patreon. It's possible we also played some games this week and discuss these too – tune in to find out!

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Save File Episode 44

Hannah is back with a new dream holiday – solving puzzles with the cats of Peace Island. In her absence, Luke has been a crotchety old man demanding those damn kids let him race trucks in peace.

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326: Luke Soup

Big thanks to everyone that's ever checked out our iSummon video on YouTube! This week we discuss that plus a new product coming soon to our store. If you have any suggestions for trash we can sell to make a bunch of money and retire please write in and let us know!

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Save File Episode 43


Hannah is away this week so Luke called in some help from his substitute wife Erin.

Listen as they discuss plans for PAX and Luke continues to try and sell his bathwater.

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Save File Episode 42

If Belle Delphine can sell her GamerGirl bathwater to the masses, why can't Luke? Hannah can think of a few reasons. 

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