310: Dinkleganger

Dan’s back and he’s brought an old segment back with him. Address your complains to him at [email protected] We’ve also got some exiting new gaming, film, tv and dick news! So just the usual then. Disney has absorbed Fox Dinkleganger A good time at the old arcade Trailers are lies Barbara Streisand is just awful Google wants to change gaming

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Save File Episode 29

This week Hannah is pro-vax and Luke is anti-Matt and it’s all Google’s fault or something. A little indie title called The Division 2 is out and Luke is counting down to a future where he can play the Master Chief Collection on all the platforms (but with more achievements, please).

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308: Com Truise

Welcome to the most depressing episode of a comedy podcast ever recorded!We talk Captain Marvel and all seems well but then Dan mentions that he watched Leaving Neverland and it all takes a dark turn. Idris Elba is Deadshot Racism is complicated Hipsters can’t tell themselves apart Keith Flint is dead Luke Perry is dead Momo is dead Adnan Syed is guilty (allegedly) “Rape Day” is banned

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Save File Episode 28

What did New Zealand ever do to Luke? No, really, please tell us because Luke has a surprising amount of dislike in his heart for a pretty amazing place.This week, Hannah requests that whoever is in charge of these things please release Fable 4 and re-release Black & White, as she has unfinished business. Luke discusses games that actually exist like Far Cry New Dawn, and some that don’t, such as Fallout New Dawn before giving away a steam key.

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307: The Grammar Party

We wanna buy Neverland Ranch but we need some backers. The podcast is now accepting checks. For free. That’s how we get money for nothing, right? Links: Neverland Ranch is for sale View-Master, the toy that let’s you look at slides, will have it’s own movie It 2 will have more blood than any horror film before it Kickstarter to remove the rat from the Departed Good Old Games may be in trouble

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