306: Complex Dance Manoeuvres

Ahh, kids these days. They will never excel in the workforce. Luke, on the other hand, will be an outstanding addition to your business. He will exceed your expectations and will never ask for a promotion. Contact us to see how you can hire him.

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Save File Episode 26

This week Hannah had a fun fact that was both fun and a fact. While we’re on the topic of odd occurrences, the people have not listened to Luke again and aren’t giving Anthem a chance. We are also starting to think about E3 – Sony has pulled out, does this mean there’s space for Luke to attend? Stay tuned to find out.

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305: One Big Kitty

Sad news this week as we learn that Luke may not be able to get to Mars after all. If you happen to have some sort of space craft and can’t find a use for it then please get in touch so we can send him on his way. Mars One files for bankruptcy Red Sonya on hold CD Projekt Red coughs up some cash Katy Perry felt left out Making a Murderer is still going on Down south your coupons get political We hate prank shows but this is pretty funny Deadmau5 banned from Twitch for yelling slurs

304: Full Teeth

Listeners, we see you as more of a Robin. You would probably sue your own parents for making you become a sidekick. You are basically Batman's dog and boy do we have a lot of animal news for you this week, you good, good boy.
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Save File Episode 24

Let’s explore the galaxy! Or seven adorable planets’ worth in Astroneer! We still don’t understand what Kingdom Hearts is about or what Terry Crewes is cracking down in Crackdown 3, but there’s a lot to be excited about this week and everyone’s invited – just like Luke’s birthday parties.

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Save File Episode 23

Not even an introductory five cut scenes could explain Kingdom Hearts 3 to Luke, but he has bravely carried on in the name of achievements.This week he has also tried playing Apex Legends, World Enduring Rally and money laundering. The last was not a game to anyone involved and he is no longer allowed back at the bank. Please pledge at Patreon so he can keep buying gin.

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