Save File Episode 22

I don’t know, it all feels a bit samey. This week Luke enters the terrible twos with Life is Strange 2 and Resident Evil 2. He would also like it if someone recapped Kingdom Hearts 1 and 2 so he’s ready for the full Donald experience next week. In the meantime, everyone is invited to Hannah’s birthday party so please keep March free. 

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Save File Episode 21

We’re back after a very extended Christmas! We missed you too much tp stay away. It turns out that VR is the gateway to smoking. This was not covered in any of the peer pressure talks Luke was given as a teenager so he’s not sure where to go from here. The tobacconist? In other news, Luke reviews the Grand Tour, the new Walking Dead episodes and pledges his eternal allegiance to Toejam Earl while Hannah tries to remember how to speak English. Good times.

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300: Hundo Three

We've been doing this shit for 8 years now and we have finally made it to episode 300. Bet you didn't think we would get this far. Accompany us for our tricentennial celebration episode with 300 games, 300 segments and 3(00) hosts. And if you have any interest in joining our Peacock Party, head over to our Patreon.

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