299: Beeeeeeeeep

We hope everyone had a great holiday!This is our final episode of the year – we’re taking a few weeks off but then we’ll be back in 2019 with episode 300!!! “He used me” Woman splits from ghost pirate husband George Lucas is fucking rich There’s a Hellboy trailer… Cop sues Netflix over Making A Murderer Swedish Christmas Goat burned down for 27th time Santa dies in front of children

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Save File Episode 20

Does Forza have fillies? Luke’s usually decisive horse-related game coverage fails us this week, but he assures us the latest DLC is worth it.We also give insightful Christmas gift ideas because if you can’t trust two internet strangers to pick a gift for Nanna, who can you trust? Maybe the winner of our competition – they have excellent taste!

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PAX Unplugged 2018

The Multiple Nerdgasm East Coast USA Team headed down to Philadelphia for the second PAX Unplugged – it’s the PAX you know and love but this time it’s jettisoned the video games and it’s tabletop only. How did it stack up against last year’s inaugural convention? Listen to find out!

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Save File Episode 19

It’s a Just Cause 4 celebration because the new Mario Party is here and Hannah’s word jokes are only getting worse. This week we discuss an Epic potential rival to Steam, Luke admits he’s not buying into the Anthem hype and Hannah reminds everyone to keep those competition entries coming to [email protected]

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296: Abcde

Matt’s off playing board games this week so Dan and Luke are left to entertain you all on their own. Luckily for you, they’re experts. Sabrina and Satan have settled out of court Woman gives her kid a stupid name and then complains when people don’t get it Some hardcore shit about ants Bethesda bans homophobes People disappointed with their fancy bag Dress like Arthur Morgan Couple win right to name son after favourite character Get yourself a foreskin facial Buddhist monk arrested for chemsex parties

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