285: Can’ts

Do you live in one of three very specific locations? If so you may be able to join us in creating some Earth sandwiches! Can you make an Earth sandwich on a flat Earth? Listen to find out where you need to be to help us find out! We also discuss sad easter eggs, Uwe Boll, vampirism and the “facts” about the flat earth on which we live. James Gunn maybe didn’t wanna direct GOG3 anyway so there Got blood? RIP Jurassic Park Check out the saddest proposal ever Uwe Boll says f-you to his fans

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284: AIDs of the Heart

If you want stuff to happen in the world, we need more likes! Spread the good word of Multiple Nerdgasm and we could get Norm Macdonald cast in more films. Luke is giving away a PAX Aus Pass… Listens for details! Links: Principal hires pole dancer for his kindergarten Burt Reynolds passed up roles and then passed away NASA sued for trespassing on Mars Fertility doctor uses his own sperm to impregnate women Donate to our Patreon to get access to our After Party episode Henry Cavill gets cast to make The Witcher series just average Chewbacca has not