Month: August 2018

282: Off-brand Gasm

We briefly talk Tuppaware, then remember we’re not that old yet and get back to complaining about the current state of nerd culture. Was Stan Lee forced to make that video saying there was no elder abuse taking place? Guardians 3 is now on hold There’s no God, golf or Sean Connery in Scotland Man prints a giant Dinky Fallout Rum is a thing we’re into Netflix has joined Hollywood in stealing our ideas Teledildonics up for grabs Idris Elba isn’t James Bond, but Edgar Wright might be directing James Bond? Odd Job is a cheat. Just kidding,

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Save File Episode 6

We ask our listeners for a lot of things this week (unwavering support; to get Luke’s audition tape as a Shenmue voice actor into the right hands) but we also give a lot in return. In addition to Luke’s general edicts on whether we should be excited or terrified about upcoming games such as the Grand Tour and Delivery us the Moon, Luke also offers (threatens?) to hug visitors in the street. What more could you ask for? No ads? Steam keys? A dedicated Save File email address? Mysterious announcements about an upcoming competition? Don’t worry, we have those

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281: Shove it on a Surfboard

What are underwear really for anyway? What does the underwear company have to gain from you? We get to the bottom of it. Links: Will he or won’t he? James Gunn not coming back Was there a Tatooine movie? Diablo 3 coming to Switch  

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Save File Episode 5

This week, Luke needs all the dating advice he can get from Super Seducer as Hannah is remarkably unsympathetic to the loss of his favourite hat. The tragedy continues as he finishes Telltale Games' final chapter of The Walking Dead, loses a bit of steam in We Happy Few and ads return to Twitch. But there's a week of Shenmue I and II to look forward to, plus a free steam key for a lucky listener so it's not all bad news.

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280: Enjoy Your Last Few Months

This week we consider the criterion necessary to become Geek of the Week. Turns out, just being in a Lady Gaga video does not get you the accolade.

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Save File Episode 4

A horse is a horse, of course, of course, and no one can talk to a horse of course. That is, of course, unless that person is Luke and he's saddling up for Red Dead Redemption 2 after surviving some very heated rounds of Overcooked 2 with Hannah and a debate over whether a typewriter keyboard is a good investment or the best investment (spoiler alert: it is neither). Luke also discusses his complicated feelings for We Happy Few and accidentally shows off some DJ skills with Spin Rhythm until he is overcome with the gin vapours.

We don't

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279: The Henri Defense

Dan's back and we somehow manage to spend a good chunk of time discussing Star Wars again, but that's not all! We've got some follow up regarding James Gunn, some follow up regarding Roseanne and some follow up regarding Luke's podcast.

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Save File Episode 3

This week on Save File, Luke has a Save Fail when he admits to getting flirting tips from Super Seducer. We learn about some new career options, Hannah discovers that Sniper Ghost Warrior 3 is not even remotely spooky and Luke shares his upcoming games of the week. Twitch followers already saw us “play” #WarGames and everyone is invited to watch us argue our way through Overcooked 2.

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278: Announcements About Space

Dan is still absent from the podcast. Presumably he got lost swimming around The Pirate Bay. He told us he was in Italy and that's what that means, right?

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