Month: July 2018

Save File Episode 2

The second episode of Getting Cozy is here for your listening pleasure! Once again Luke is joined by his wife Hannah to talk the latest in games.

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277: Trydra

Dan's away so Matt and Luke will play! Not the Evil Dead board game though – that Kickstarter is dead in the water at this point.
We watched a few trailers this week thanks to San Diego Comic Con so we chat about those, plus there's some remake, reboot, and revival news!

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Save File Episode 1

We're very proud to present the first episode of Getting Cozy – Luke's new podcast about video games!He followed through on something he said he was going to do and we're all very impressed.The plan is for this to become a weekly show so once we have a few episodes ready to go we'll be splitting it off into it's own podcast.Let us know what you think: [email protected] or click on the social media button at the top of the page to find us in other places on the webs.

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276: On Bended Knee

Luke doesn't want people to die, they just do. Like people's Nanas. We are sure they're lovely. They won't be Geek of the Week anytime soon, though.

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275: Push Pop

Who killed Jack Kirby in the 90's? And now more recently, Steve Ditko. Are all these deaths related? We'll get to the bottom of it.

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274: Rangpur

Join Luke, Matt and not-hot-Dan for some chat about swimsuit tugging, middle aged Obi-Wan and Game of Thrones spoilers from 5 years ago.

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