265: Punching the Cannibal

Dan has generously offered his time for another episode of Multiple Nerdgasm. This is especially magnanimous of him considering the reason for his absence last week. We promise no Infinity War late-viewers were harmed in the making of this episode. There are no spoilers. Links: Submarine man murders reporter The Korean War is over Veteran receives dick transplant Sweden has a giant blue dick for a limited time Avengers assemble in the bedroom Bruce Campbell retires and ruins all of our lives Court orders David Copperfield to break the magician’s code

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264: Two feet, eight inches

Sad news this week with the passing of Verne Troyer, however Luke has approved him as Geek of the Week so that should provide some small comfort to his grieving family. We also follow up on Stan Lee and Billy Mitchell, discuss some movies and disapprove of some pranks! Stan Lee is now (allegedly) suing somebody for elder abuse  Billy Mitchell will prove he didn’t cheat… somehow Verne Troyer has died Rampage originally had a different ending They’re making a new DOOM movie?!? Have pranks gone too far? Yes, in some cases they absolutely have If you enjoy the

PAX East ’18 Repisode

PAX East was four days this year and Matt, Jenna and James were there. They played a lot of games. Almost too many to talk about. But for you, dear listener, they did it. Thank them by sending an e-mail to [email protected], not info as we repeatedly say in the show. Is this even our podcast? Links: Immure PUSS! Super Meat Boy Quinoto Flipping Death Projection Opus Magnum Rumu Framed Collection Murderous Pursuits Graveyard Keeper Armed and Gelatinous Pixel Ripped Pyre Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes Thornwatch Cursed Court Illimat Organ Attack Star Wars Destiny Star Wars Legion Buffy

263: Followed Up

All present and accounted for this week on Multiple Nerdgasm. We’ve got a lot of follow up in this episode, plus some Sydney news and what we learn about hand dryers will shock you! #clickbait Deadwood movie to shoot later this year? Tim’s out of the loop it seems. Stan Lee is definitely not being abused and stop saying that he is or he’ll sue you. Foundation is being adapted as a TV series. Sydney is being split into three cities. Billy Mitchell has been stripped of his scores – all of them – for cheating. Hand dryers are

262: Danuke 2: Electric Boogaloo

Matt’s been at PAX East all weekend so he doesn’t know what Dan and Luke discussed this week, which is awkward because he wrote this intro. Don’t let that discourage you though! Take a listen and pretend you’re Matt – experiencing this podcast for the very first time.

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261: The Return of The Last Jedi

This week Luke saw Ready Player One and Dan had himself a cheeky re-watch of The Last Jedi – and didn’t hate it. We discuss some other movie news, video games and we try to figure out who bit Beyonce’s face because apparently that happened. Spoilers: it wasn’t us. Carls Jr presents: The Spielburger Cory Feldman: Stabbed Beyonce: Bitten Solo: Reshot first Meryl Streep: Good but not good enough Deadwood Movie: Not happening Bill and Ted 3: Happening Uwe Boll: Plagiarised

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