Do you like space, A.I., movies, TV, Disneyland, porn, guns, Elon Musk and Donald Duck? Well you’re in for a real treat with this weeks episode of Multiple Nerdgasm! Tesla in space YouTube bans guns Elon Musk isn’t into Facebook Nuns still aren’t into Katy Perry Chris Evans is done with Captain America Steven Spielberg is done digitally altering his films Please don’t reboot The Matrix for fuck’s sake Indy 5 starts shooting in April 2019, unfortunately

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259: Russell Crowe’s Swatch

Do you want a fancy lawnmower? or an entire rugby team? Well head on down to Russell Crowe’s house for a yard sale! This episode is in memory of Stephen “The Hawk” Hawking. Links: God strikes down nun in defense of Katy Perry Shia LaBeouf will play his father in biopic Barbra Streisand clones her dog Russell Crowe is going broke Fallout 3 in Fallout 4 mod cancelled Fox really wants to bring Buffy back Christopher Eccleston wanted to kill himself working on Thor

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258: A Breash of Freth Air

The Academy Awards and the Razzies have ended and we discuss the results! Did Multiple Nerdgasm win big this year? You’ll have to listen to find out that the answer is no! The Shape of Water has lead to an increase in sales of fish sex toys. Who knew people wanted this? Guillermo knew. Mark Hamill wants to be Vesemir in The Witcher TV show Seems Disney didn’t come up with these poster designs solo! Sorry. Jon Favreau also gets to make a Star Wars thing J.J. Abrams ideas for episode 8 were scrapped by Rian Johnson

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257: Killing Two Birds With One Scooter

This week Luke let his insatiable thirst for parrot blood get the better of him. Also we talk about nerdy shit. Drunk guy takes an Uber home… from a city five hours away Kevin Smith had a heart attack! Mac users can now play their Xbox remotely from their computers Rian Johnson likes Solo John Williams is done with Star Wars after Ep 9 Mark Hamill may appear in Guardians of the Galaxy 3 A former student is suing James Franco over The Disaster Artist screenplay

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