256: Hollywood Cripple

Please, we are begging (Luke is begging). Head over to our Patreon and donate. Luke needs $2,000 by Tuesday so he can go to Hollywood to see Mark Hamill get his Walk of Fame star. Links: Mark Hamill is finally getting a star There is a new social media platform Art director from Blade Runner 2049 hired for Star Wars Episode 9 Joss Whedon is no longer directing Batgirl Flight Sim pirates other pirates

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255: Wa Or Eh Wa Te Uh He Ughth

We’re all back and we’ve brought the gift of “news”. It’s in quotations because we don’t recommend you actually listen to us for your news – there are professionals for that. But if you’re after a laugh, maybe some insight and a remix of Dan stumbling over his words then we’ve got you covered this week. Weather is a dick… news Longest standing video game record is a fake Joaquin Phoenix is such a Joker No white people aren’t being attacked at screenings of Black Panther, stop it Blind bisexual goose in love triangle with two swans, dies age

254: The Hannuke Strikes Back

We left Luke all alone again this week but luckily his wife Hannah is here to save the day! If you’re as big a fan of Lukehan/Hannuke/Hanlukah as we are then keep an eye on the Multiple Nerdgasm Twitch channel where you can see Hannah beat Luke at all sorts of video games. This week’s episode is very late and also we skipped one, sorry about that! Matt went away to London without his laptop and didn’t give anybody instructions on how to post a podcast. Whoops! Thanks for being patient, we should be back to normal next week.