253: The Feel Of Peter Cushing’s Lips

We digitally replaced our faces with a selection of celebrity’s faces on this weeks episode – see if you can hear the difference. Thanks to the magic of AI everyone can be a porn star! And Nic Cage can finally be in a Superman film Amazon is also stealing ideas from our show Solo will not be a Star Wars film as far as China is concerned Flamethrowers are not boring Wasp dick Miitomo is shutting down Duke Nukem is coming to the big screen, maybe Dundee is not a movie Monique wants money  

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252: Tidally Challenged

You know what would go great with that delicious laundry detergent you’re eating? This week’s episode of Multiple Nerdgasm! Seriously though, don’t eat laundry detergent. What the fuck is wrong with people? Delicious death Finally men can watch Star Wars in peace Star Wars just isn’t hot enough for China Rian Johnson schools us on force projection Nintendo presents: cardboard! Dune will be Star Wars for adults Dundee is a film    

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250: Mr Plow

Happy New Year!!! It’s 2018 and we’re back with out first episode of the year. This week we complain about The Last Jedi a little bit more but not too much. We also talk about a tonne of stuff we watched over the holiday break and come up with some interesting ideas for segments that we’ll probably have forgotten by next week! Mark Hamill regrets mentioning his apprehensions about The Last Jedi Ridley Scott thinks Alien should be as popular as Star Wars Ridley Scott thinks he could make a better Star Wars movie – but he won’t Ridley