249: Snook’s Throne Room

Merry Christmas everyone! This could have been our annual (inaugural?) Christmas special but The Last Jedi just came out so we basically spent the entire episode talking about it, spoilers included. Links: Decorate your boobs for Christmas Man arrested for being a dick to children

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248: Will It Off

If you’ve ever had an awkward erection then this week’s episode is for you. Even if you haven’t then give it a listen anyway – maybe we’ll give you one. Cops be aware – forcing kids to jerk off is not ok Just pay Taylor Swift, OK? The new UFC game is super realistic Bryan Singer is the victim here And he’s also not wearing a wig Jar Jar Trilogy incoming

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247: Rule of Rock

We’ve all finally seen Justice League so it’s a spoiler episode! Plus we talk about some other films and TV shows we enjoyed this week, plus a helpful rule of thumb to use when speaking to women. Oh and for the first time we have an update on Armi Hammer’s balls! So look forward to those. I mean that. I mean… listen to this week’s episode of Multiple Nerdgasm! There is no Snyder cut of Justice League Armi Hammer’s balls had to be removed Ridley Scott also had to be removed Infinity War has a trailer Daisy Ridley is