242: The People’s Podcast

Where is Luke? What is it safe to dress as for Halloween? What does The Rock call his penis? Get all the answers to your burning questions on the latest episode of Multiple Nerdgasm. Links: The oldest living creature is gay No costume is safe Don’t mess with The Rock on twitter Man is inspired by one of our films James Bond was not allowed to sleep with Moneypenny

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241: Mouse to Mouth

Open your mouth, the Rock wants to feed you more candy! Links: Japan vs USA robot fights: the results are in American Nazis don’t want you to kill Nazis in Wolfenstein Forget Boaty McBoatface, let us introduce Trainy McTrainface South Park let’s plays are getting pulled due to content EA making major changes to it’s single player Star Wars game

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240: LOL Track

We’re all here this week and we’ve brought our studio audience with us! We talk about Blade Runner 2049 this week (go see it!), Mother, New York Comic Con, The Last Jedi trailer, The Toxic Avenger and much, much more! The First Trailer for The Last Jedi Don’t try and sex the Opera House please Settlers of Catan: Island of Vengeance Oops we accidentally made an incredible racist game

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238: All Kanye

No that isn’t guest host Tom Waits, it’s Dan with a cold. And Matt isn’t in France he’s in French Canada, wherever that is. And Luke, well Luke’s the same as always. This week we discuss vagina beer, sex doll abuse, Assassins Creed, and find out just how famous the Multiple Nerdgasm guys are. Spoilers, not at all famous. Learnings Creed Sex Doll molested Vagina beer. You read that correctly.

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