Month: September 2017

237: Big Luke Theory

It’s just Matt and Luke this week and Luke’s a bit under the weather. He pulled through like a trooper and we had a nice discussion about Italy, Big Bang Theory, Instagram, movies, games and a lot more. Stop drawing dicks in cartoons Battleborn is not receiving any more updates Instagram needs to be a bit more careful about it’s advertising Get drunk future style with Blade Runner Johnny Walker Linda Hamilton is Sarah Connor again Tomb Raider has a fairly boring trailer Taika Waititi might do Akira? Maybe? Last Jedi trailer in October? Crossplay is possible except

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236: Top Ten Fifteen Things

Luke finally follows up on a segment this week plus he invents a new one – we’ll remind him about it for next week. Matt bought an Apple watch and saw IT. Dan ate a croissant and discovered that he’s finally made it in the film industry! Sadly we have a geek of the week again this week, we talk about art, Movie Pass, Stars Wars (surprise) and more on this week’s episode of Multiple Nerdgasm! Harry Dean Stanton is our Geek of the Week this week A Newtown icon has been replaced by Jennifer Lawrence J.J. Abrams will

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235: Bits and Pizzas

All right, stop, collaborate and listen to the newest episode of Multiple Nerdgasm. Have you been wondering what Vanilla Ice is up to these days? Neither have we. In this episode we discuss lawn furniture, Chewbacca and the various conventions and war memorials we attended this weekend.

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234: A Successful Man In His Life

This week we farewell Tobe Hooper, welcome back The Karate Kid, destroy Terry Pratchett's work and admonish Hasbro amongst a tonne of other things. Strap in, or strap on – whatever you're into we won't judge.

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