Luke is still off on his Japanese honeymoon, so Dan and Matt take you through Michael Keaton's career, film pre-orders, the video games they're currently playing and women in film. If there is a segment of this podcast you didn't enjoy, remember: It's not them; it's their dicks.

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Have you ever seen a snuff film? On this episode we discuss one of our favourite recent horror films: Sinister. We look at the story behind the film and the mythology that inspired it.

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Imagine if everyone had to pay an idiot tax every time they did something stupid.
We would like to offer our apologies for the audio quality of this episode. In the absence of Luke, Dan assumed his mantle and got drunk, which consequently led to him recording into what can only be described as a potato. An echo chamber of potatoes.

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Are you afraid of ghosts? Do exorcisms frighten you? In this episode we explore what scares people. Other people, not us; We don't get scared.

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Luke is off the menu, ladies and gentlemen. In this episode, we give out some listener advice for a strong and healthy marriage while still maintaining your gamerscore.
We are also now holding a competition for his new nickname; currently topping the charts is Cripple McCripface.

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