151: The fall of Luke

Did end up playing a game starting with S this week, only it was Sniper Elite 3 and 4 not Sherlock, will get there one day. There might be a code this week for Sniper Elite 3 up for grabs if you listen this week. Luke might be finally coming to grips with the fact that he is older now and it might take a little longer to recover from surgery then it did in his teens.

Portal writer wants to start working on Portal 3

WoW Dragonflight expansion

This War of Mine Final Cut

Sniper Elite 5

150: Luke still has not played Sherlock

Want a copy of Star Wars KOTOR, then listen to this episode quickly. A little bit of sports ball made it into talks this week, but do not worry we still discuss games and listen to Luke go through a range of emotions very quickly.                        


Amy Henning working on a new Star Wars game

Artifex Mundi

Tiny Tina's Wonderland

Frogwares – Sherlock Holmes

149: Still addicted to Lego

Still back to “weekly” but Luke is still finding it hard to sit at the computer to edit.

At least I'm still able to play games but it seems to just be Lego Star Wars. I have plans to play something new for next week. Finally made it to the post office to pick up my Bis records.

From next week will be giving away Steam keys again so be on the lookout for that in future episodes.

Great band ever BIS

Sherlock Holmes Chapter One

IGN on the lookout for new freelance writers

Alanah Pearce Storytime Keynote Speaker for PAX East

Activision-Blizzard bring in diversity, equity, inclusion officer

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