316: Endgame

The spoilers are all at the end of the episode! And there’s a bunch of cool stuff we discuss before that, so if you haven’t seen Avengers: Endgame then don’t skip all of this episode, but do skip the end. Peter Mayhew has died Man swallows Airpod? We’re skeptical and yet we still discuss it. John Williams still rules This guy got bashed for spoiling Endgame. We promise to try really hard not to. Don’t bash us.

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315: Fanatics

If you want an opinion, you have to show up… which is why we don’t care what Dan thinks this week. This actually makes things easier for us to form a collective sentiment to present to you, the listener, as a Multiple Nerdgasm Review™.

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Save File

Save File Episode 34

Luke can never be left alone. He’s had a very emotional week after finally finishing The Walking Dead for the first time, but don’t worry, he’ll play it through at least a couple more times. Also apparently review bombing is fine, as long as it’s positive, so if people would like to review bomb our podcasts Luke is ok with it.

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