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191: Teefappening

The triforce of Multiple Nerdgasm is back! (That means we’re all here this week.)
It was halloween so we chat about that a bit and then jump into this weeks nerdy news and updates!

We’re excited about our new sponsor: Teepublic! Head over to our merch store there and check them out – they have some fantastic stuff available.


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175: Jeremy is a Little Bitch

Settle in for another episode of Multiple Nerdgasm. Just kidding! It’s actually an hour long promo for Sausage Party! Grab the kids, they won’t want to miss this!

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Multiple Nerdgasm Star Wars Trivia Challenge

Think you know more about Star Wars than we do? If so, follow along and yell the answers out loud in public so that other people judge you.

Jenna hosts the Star Wars Trivia Challenge featuring contestants: Dan, Luke and Matt

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149: Kyle O’Ren

*This episode contains Star Wars: The Force Awakens spoilers
Now that the holidays are over we can concentrate about what really matters: Star Wars. You’ve probably never heard of it. I’m not sure we have even mentioned it before.

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146: A Very International Christmas

Ho ho ho! Merry Christmas! Throw another eggnog on the fire and sip a cup of log, sit back in your comfiest armchair with your chestnuts roasting while you enjoy our Christmas Special Extravaganza for 2015! We revisit some classic Christmas traditions, explore some new ones and interview someone about one of our favourites.

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145: The Real Ally McDeal

This week we talk Carrie Fisher, Mark Hamill and Harrison Ford: The Star Wars trifecta.

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144: Biggs Warrawee

What would your porn name be?

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142: The Witness Stocks

If you listen to too many episodes of our podcast at once, what happens to your friends?
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138: El Beako

Matt and Dan here to hold your hand through the Star Wars trailer and the new del Toro film about Spanish ducks.

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126: Do Catfish Have Scottish Accents?

It’s a cryptological week here at Multiple Nerdgasm and we’ve got all the latest news regarding our maybe imaginary animal friends. Also pop singers who died years ago, eating disorders, black face and old movies. Oh and some video games and stuff.
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