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102: Worst Than Elmo

The movie industry sucks, that is, unless you can make some great fan fiction! Carol from Sydney you’d better not be listening. Read More →


99: Renegade Santa

Do you ever feel like Christmas has been hijacked by Evangelists? In our holiday special, we put the nerd back in Christmas! Or in Nerdsmas. Christnerds. Whatever. Read More →

66: Triple Nerdgasm

This week we’re down a team member, as Dan is off on a quest for vengeance. Or possibly shooting a film. Either way he wasn’t able to make but the rest us pressed on anyway and managed to talk about mostly video games for an hour or so. Dan should be back soon and hopefully you’ll enjoy this episode despite his absence! Read More →

64: Bar-o-men

This episode is very late. I (Matt) accept full responsibility for that. As you may have noticed we’ve been a bit quiet of late (more on that in an upcoming post) and I actually forgot we had an episode ready to go. I humbly apologise and I hope that the joy this episode brings you outweighs the disappointment having to wait for it caused! Read More →

52: Thou Art The Law!

Welcome to 2013! We start off the year with some serious business and then devolve into the much less serious stuff you’re used to. Lots of film talk this week because I guess we all watched a lot of films during the break! Read More →

Episode 31: Tie Breaker

Dave’s voice is back and so are we! This week our discussion includes: George Lucas’s retirement Gears 4 The exciting conclusion to Midget Watch Kirk or Kundun is back, with a twist! Diablo 3 Skyrim E3 and the Wii-U Buyers Remorse Spider-man World of Warcraft Thanks so much for listening and if you enjoy the show please consider giving us a positive rating on iTunes. Read More →

Episode 18

We’re back! Much like the poltergeists from that movie about poltergeists, I forget the title, we have returned. I’m fairly certain I promised better show notes during this weeks episode, and I do plan to deliver on that! However there’s a site redesign involved, so for now you’ll have to make do with the shoddy notes and links I usually provide. The Old Republic… briefly. Read More →

Episode 16

The latest episode of your favourite podcast is now available! Well, we assume it’s your favourite. It should be. This week we discuss: The Xbox 720 and it’s apparent anti-used game system Minecraft X-Com UFO: Enemy Unknown Silent Hill George Lucas retires! (probably he doesn’t) The PS Vita Luke’s new E-Reader As always you can find us on iTunes by clicking on the giant Space Read More →