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Save File Episode 25

This week we agree the Olympics are right to ignore eSports and wrong to not bring back tug of war. The controversy doesn't end here - Luke also has strong opinions on Anthem and even stronger feelings on cross-platform gaming.

Save FileMatt Hamm
Save File Episode 24

Let's explore the galaxy! Or seven adorable planets' worth in Astroneer! We still don't understand what Kingdom Hearts is about or what Terry Crewes is cracking down in Crackdown 3, but there's a lot to be excited about this week and everyone's invited - just like Luke's birthday parties.

Save FileMatt Hamm
Save File Episode 23

Not even an introductory five cut scenes could explain Kingdom Hearts 3 to Luke, but he has bravely carried on in the name of achievements.
This week he has also tried playing Apex Legends, World Enduring Rally and money laundering. The last was not a game to anyone involved and he is no longer allowed back at the bank. Please pledge at Patreon so he can keep buying gin.

Save FileMatt Hamm
Save File Episode 22

I don't know, it all feels a bit samey. This week Luke enters the terrible twos with Life is Strange 2 and Resident Evil 2. He would also like it if someone recapped Kingdom Hearts 1 and 2 so he's ready for the full Donald experience next week. 
In the meantime, everyone is invited to Hannah's birthday party so please keep March free. 

Save FileMatt Hamm
Save File Episode 21

We're back after a very extended Christmas! We missed you too much tp stay away. 
It turns out that VR is the gateway to smoking. This was not covered in any of the peer pressure talks Luke was given as a teenager so he's not sure where to go from here. The tobacconist? 
In other news, Luke reviews the Grand Tour, the new Walking Dead episodes and pledges his eternal allegiance to Toejam Earl while Hannah tries to remember how to speak English. Good times.

Save FileMatt Hamm
Save File Episode 20

Does Forza have fillies? Luke's usually decisive horse-related game coverage fails us this week, but he assures us the latest DLC is worth it.
We also give insightful Christmas gift ideas because if you can't trust two internet strangers to pick a gift for Nanna, who can you trust? Maybe the winner of our competition - they have excellent taste!

Save FileMatt Hamm
Save File Episode 19

It's a Just Cause 4 celebration because the new Mario Party is here and Hannah's word jokes are only getting worse. This week we discuss an Epic potential rival to Steam, Luke admits he's not buying into the Anthem hype and Hannah reminds everyone to keep those competition entries coming to [email protected]

Save FileMatt Hamm
Save File Episode 18

My Little Riding Champion is finally here and Luke made it out of the escape room just in time! Furries, Luke may or may not wish to speak with you but dry cleaners should definitely write in. This (probably) makes sense in context so you should just press play now.

Save FileMatt Hamm
Save File Episode 17

Luke continues to have strong feelings about Fallout, but thankfully there's always another horse game on the horizon. Oh and if people could stop making Playstation exclusives, that would be great.

Don't forget to send in your entries to the Kris Cripple Kringle competition that Luke claims isn't a competition!
Save FileMatt Hamm
Save File Episode 16

Luke tries to take his mind off being stuck in Fallout by experiencing the trauma most Australian schoolkids went through in grade three when they read Storm Boy for the first time. He also flashbacks to playing Flashback... 25 years ago when it first came out. But, as is his way, it always comes back to horses.

Save FileMatt Hamm
Save File Episode 15

"The spiritual successor to My Horse and Me Two" - what game could Luke possibly be describing? Leave your Fallout shelter, forget about shape-shift detecting and join us for another gin-soaked adventure.

Luke also announces an exciting new competition - get those entries in by 17 December 2018!
Save FileMatt Hamm
Save File Episode 14
My Horse and Me and Luke - one man's epic playthrough of Red Dead Redemption 2 before he returned to Hogwarts. It makes more sense if you listen to the podcast, so we recommend you do that immediately and maybe subscribe on every available platform.
Save FileMatt Hamm
Save File Episode 13 - PAX Aus 2018

You could say that it's been a week pax-ed with excitement but there's no time for wordplay when there's a whole wave of up-and-coming games, developers and studios to cover!

This week's episode is centred on our console gaming picks from this year's PAX Aus (boomerangs and pelicans and dystopian cab driving, oh my!) and we didn't even start to talk tabletop so stay tuned for more, folks.
Save FileMatt Hamm
Save File Episode 12

Luke gets back into the swing of things after surgery by playing Assassin's Creed: Odyssey. Unfortunately he cannot share his patented pain meds and gin combo with listeners - the audio is a bit rough this week folks. But hey, why not hear what we sound like in person and say hi at PAX?

See you there!
Save FileMatt Hamm
Save File Episode 11

This has been a week of personal growth for Luke as he fulfills a promise to a fan and prepares for the surgery that will see him transition to a whole new platform for the foreseeable future. Hannah is also concerned that Luke has spent many hours in Forza 4 but cannot accurately state which country he's been driving in, but that's what happens when you drive under the influence of clear liquids in the comfort of your own home.

Save FileMatt Hamm
Save File Episode 10

This week we ask the real questions - can Luke really pick a game of the week without playing it? Is Waluigi invited to the party? Who is in charge of Red Dead Redemption's horse testicles? Also if Elon Musk could please buy Telltale Games that'd be great.

Save FileMatt Hamm
Save File Episode 9

Telltale Games is no longer telling tales and it's probably Hannah's fault. Luke has (finally) finished Tomb Raider and is annoyed at an unrelated flower festival.

Save FileMatt Hamm
Save File Episode 8

This week on Save File... Luke is not interested in backstories, context, Jumanji without the Rock or changing his outfit multiple times just to raid tombs. He is very excited to announce the PAX competition winner and play some classic games on the Switch. Hannah also appears.

Save FileMatt Hamm
Save File Episode 7
Stand aside puddles and virtual newspaper delivery - we have larger concerns on our mind this week. Pledging our allegiance to Belgium over Luke boxes, grinding our way through F1 2018, spreading the word that the new Tomb Raider is coming (someone probably should) and, oh yeah, our biggest giveaway yet that may even include a hug from Luke.
You can also donate to Luke Steptember fundraising here:
Save FileMatt Hamm
Save File Episode 6

We ask our listeners for a lot of things this week (unwavering support; to get Luke’s audition tape as a Shenmue voice actor into the right hands) but we also give a lot in return. In addition to Luke’s general edicts on whether we should be excited or terrified about upcoming games such as the Grand Tour and Delivery us the Moon, Luke also offers (threatens?) to hug visitors in the street. What more could you ask for? No ads? Steam keys? A dedicated Save File email address? Mysterious announcements about an upcoming competition? Don’t worry, we have those too!

Save FileMatt Hamm