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293: In Turtle
282: Off-brand Gasm
279: The Henri Defense

Dan's back and we somehow manage to spend a good chunk of time discussing Star Wars again, but that's not all! We've got some follow up regarding James Gunn, some follow up regarding Roseanne and some follow up regarding Luke's podcast.

253: The Feel Of Peter Cushing's Lips
252: Tidally Challenged

You know what would go great with that delicious laundry detergent you're eating? This week's episode of Multiple Nerdgasm!Seriously though, don't eat laundry detergent. What the fuck is wrong with people?


250: Mr Plow

Happy New Year!!! It's 2018 and we're back with out first episode of the year. This week we complain about The Last Jedi a little bit more but not too much. We also talk about a tonne of stuff we watched over the holiday break and come up with some interesting ideas for segments that we'll probably have forgotten by next week!

240: LOL Track

We're all here this week and we've brought our studio audience with us! We talk about Blade Runner 2049 this week (go see it!), Mother, New York Comic Con, The Last Jedi trailer, The Toxic Avenger and much, much more!

237: Big Luke Theory
214: Cindy's New Love

What's that in the tree there? It looks like maybe one of the older kids from school has slipped this episode into a little hollowed out area. I think he intended to pass this podcast down to a younger generation. If you listen to it, I have a feeling you will experience an awakening of sorts. Pass it on to your friends; just don't show your parents.Links:

209: A Little Conan Right In Your Face

When Matt's away, Dan and Luke will play... with the dick size slider in Conan Exiles. We can never just have an episode without dicks in it, can we?I guess dicks are funny after all. Take that, Chiller 7.Links:

205: Forced Midichlorian Testing

Hey kid, wanna hear the plot to The Last Jedi? Dan had a dream he saw the film and now we know everything that happens in it... although, he may have confused it with the plot of the porn parody, Star Whores: The Assed Jedi.Links:

203: Seed Money