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317: Kidney Donor
316: Endgame

The spoilers are all at the end of the episode! And there's a bunch of cool stuff we discuss before that, so if you haven't seen Avengers: Endgame then don't skip all of this episode, but do skip the end.

314: The Group We All Despise
313: Ruin Johnson
306: Complex Dance Manoeuvres

Ahh, kids these days. They will never excel in the workforce. Luke, on the other hand, will be an outstanding addition to your business. He will exceed your expectations and will never ask for a promotion. Contact us to see how you can hire him.


298: Come and Gone
294: Cancer Camp Smoker
293: In Turtle
291: Halloween Hot Tips

Luke just got back from PAX Australia, Matt is still in the Halloween mindset after a party last night and Dan is probably scouring the Australian countryside looking for Luke so we've got a short one this week. Be thankful you're getting anything.Links:

290: Don't Forget About the Shame
278: Announcements About Space
276: On Bended Knee

Luke doesn't want people to die, they just do. Like people's Nanas. We are sure they're lovely. They won't be Geek of the Week anytime soon, though.Links:

275: Push Pop

Who killed Jack Kirby in the 90's? And now more recently, Steve Ditko. Are all these deaths related? We'll get to the bottom of it.Links:

274: Rangpur
272: The Fluffy Joker
258: A Breash of Freth Air
241: Mouse to Mouth
235: Bits and Pizzas

All right, stop, collaborate and listen to the newest episode of Multiple Nerdgasm. Have you been wondering what Vanilla Ice is up to these days? Neither have we. In this episode we discuss lawn furniture, Chewbacca and the various conventions and war memorials we attended this weekend.Links: