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20: The Mothman Prophecies

We're back and we've brought a creepy winged friend! On this month's Necronominom we discuss The Mothman Prophecies - the film and then the book upon which the film was based. The story behind the Mothman was not what we expected, so prepare for some surprises and maybe even a little bit of disappointment if you were expecting a plausible tale involving a strange beast.

177: Where Do Baby Pokemon Come From?
176: Dant Man
168: Not All Fedoras
Necronominom and the future of Multiple Nerdgasm!

As you may have noticed we have a new podcast on the site: The Necronominom Podcast.NecronominomThe Necronominom Podcast is a film review podcast hosted by Matt and Jenna.Matt you already know as one of the hosts of The Multiple Nerdgasm Podcast, Jenna you have heard before as the narrator of Tempting Fate, and both are staples of the specials channel as part of our event coverage.The show might be weekly, it might be fortnightly or it might just be occasional - it all depends on how much of it people want to hear. So if you enjoy The Necronominom Podcast please let us know! You can contact us using the social media icons at the top of the page, or by clicking the "Contact Us" button in the bottom right of the screen.Since we now have a few different things going on we have had to make some changes to the website, as you've probably noticed if you spend any time on here. We have plans in the works for a few other shows as well, so hopefully there will be more coming.This means changes for our Patreon backers too, currently the Patreon is only setup for our original podcast. We're going to make some changes over there to reflect the fact that we have more than one show now, and we'll send out an update to our backers so they are aware of what's happening and can adjust their pledges accordingly.If you have any feedback or if you just want to get in touch then please shoot us an email or a message, we really love hearing from you. Here's to an exciting 2016!

150: Twatter

Your favourite nerds are back with another week of ramblings. We've got Dick News, Cripple Crimes and Star Wars News. In that way, I guess it's similar to most episodes we record but if you don't like it, why do you keep coming back for more?Links: