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236: Top Ten Fifteen Things

Luke finally follows up on a segment this week plus he invents a new one - we'll remind him about it for next week. Matt bought an Apple watch and saw IT. Dan ate a croissant and discovered that he's finally made it in the film industry!Sadly we have a geek of the week again this week, we talk about art, Movie Pass, Stars Wars (surprise) and more on this week's episode of Multiple Nerdgasm!

9: Alien Quadrilogy, the Films and their Production

Matt and Jenna watched Alien, Aliens, Alien 3 and Alien: Resurrection all for this one episode. That's a lot of hours spent watching Sigourney Weaver climb in and out of escape pods while being hunted.We hope you enjoy it! Matt knows a lot of trivia about this franchise so it's a longer episode.Write in and let us know how you rank the Alien films!