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309: Paul People Like Rudd
285: Can'ts

Do you live in one of three very specific locations? If so you may be able to join us in creating some Earth sandwiches! Can you make an Earth sandwich on a flat Earth? Listen to find out where you need to be to help us find out! We also discuss sad easter eggs, Uwe Boll, vampirism and the "facts" about the flat earth on which we live.

282: Off-brand Gasm
280: Enjoy Your Last Few Months

This week we consider the criterion necessary to become Geek of the Week. Turns out, just being in a Lady Gaga video does not get you the accolade.Links:

278: Announcements About Space
233: Keew Eht Fo Keeg

The title of this week's episode isn't french, but then again neither is Vin Diesel. What am I on about? You'll have to listen to this weeks episode to find out! Or you can just have somebody explain it to you, Luke style.

219: Alien Cove And Ant

Luke returned from the US with some sort of illness so he's absent again this week. Dan and Matt discuss Guardians of the Galaxy, Alien: Covenant, Thimbleweed Park, crappy cinema experiences and more!

87: Dead Sexy

We're back and we've brought our Kickstarter campaign with us! If you're enjoying the show and you'd like to get involved then please head on over and contribute. We'll love you forever, or at least until tomorrow morning.iSummon - The best Kickstarter project ever.Link and stuff:

And while we joke, suicide is a serious matter and if you're feeling depressed please contact somebody and talk about it: Lifeline

86: The Ghost of Steve Jobs

This episode was supposed to come with a Kickstarter campaign, but we're still waiting on approval from Kickstarter. Rest assured that as soon as it becomes available (IF it becomes available) we will let you know! We're sure they're just busy cursing themselves for not thinking of this idea themselves.Links and stuff: