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206: Unfunny, Worthless Podcast
Rhode Island Comic Con with Jenna and Matt

Jenna and Matt attended Rhode Island Comic Con - a three day, star studded event in Providence, Rhode Island.We've got interviews with Roy Thomas and Bill Diamond as well as coverage of the convention and some of the awesome people we met and interacted with over the weekend.Some of the awesome people we met over the weekend:

Interview: Ryan Wing - The October Ghost vs. The League of Horror

Matt and Luke chat with Ryan Wing - creator writer and illustrator of The October Ghost vs. The League of Horror.Join us as we chat about comics, halloween, movies and beer!Head over to Kickstarter and take a gander at The October Ghost vs. The League of Horror, Ryan's new graphic novel project: out more of Ryan's work on his website:

Interview: Joseph Schmalke - Whore of Babylon

Matt and Jenna talk with Joseph Schmalke, comic book author and illustrator.His new book Whore of Babylon is currently crowd funding on Kickstarter so head over and check it out, there are some great rewards for supporting the project. be sure to check out his online store for more:

186: Space Idiots

Luke is motor-scootering his way across America to get to Matt so he was unable to record this episode. That's okay! Dan and Matt had quite a lot to say on the subject of idiots and beautiful people.Links:

Boston Comic Con

Jenna and Matt headed to Boston Comic Con this weekend!Check out what we thought and what caught our attention at the event.Links to everything we discuss can be found below!

130: #MattMakesASandwich

Seems as if Matt is headed to Mars! Maybe he's not aware yet that there is no need to go all that way: he can buy a simulated Martian appendage right here on Earth.Links:

118: Maintenance Suck Cut