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Big Head Mode Episode #134 – Powers

Jenna joined the hosts of Big Head Mode for a chat on their radio show and the episode is now available as a podcast! This episode includes Life is Strange, Gone Home and video game powers and is hosted by Ben O'Brien, Carlo Ritchie and Jenna Allen. Read More
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152: RTX Australia

While Dan ran off to Utah to find a few wives, Matt, Luke and Jenna went to the Rooster Teeth Expo in Sydney and they are here to tell you all about it. Read More
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2: Deathgasm

In our second episode we review the new film from writer director Jason Lei Howden: Deathgasm. Deathgasm is a horror/comedy film that was created as part of the Make My Horror Film competition in New Zealand. Read More
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1: The Hateful Eight

Welcome to the first episode of The Necronominom Podcast! In this episode we review Tarantino's new film, The Hateful Eight. Be gentle; we are still finding our feet. Special thanks to Village Roadshow for inviting us to the Australian Premiere. Read More
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150: Twatter

Your favourite nerds are back with another week of ramblings. We've got Dick News, Cripple Crimes and Star Wars News. In that way, I guess it's similar to most episodes we record but if you don't like it, why do you keep coming back for more? Read More
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Big Head Mode Episode #130 – Star Wars Battlefront

Remember when Matt guest hosted the Big Head Mode radio show? Well you can now listen to that episode in podcast form!
This episode includes Uncharted 4, Fallout 4 and Star Wars Battlefront, hosted by Ben O'Brien, Bardiya McKinnon and Matthew Hamm.

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