Necronominom 17: The Texas Chainsaw Massacre and Ed Gein – the ghoul who inspired the film

On this month’s Necronominom we discuss one of the most influential horror films of all times and one of the most influential killers of all time: The Texas Chainsaw Massacre and Ed Gein.

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182: Plan Old Man

Throw on your favourite superhero costume, grab a laser pointer and disguise yourself as an elderly man, it’s time for another episode of Multiple Nerdgasm!

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181: Kenny Baker in Dog Years

Spoiler Alert: Suicide Squad 15:00 to 29:07

Set your Tesla to drive while you cozy up in the backseat and listen to the latest episode of our podcast. We complain about a few films and make fun of a few people but that is to be expected.

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Boston Comic Con

Jenna and Matt headed to Boston Comic Con this weekend!
Check out what we thought and what caught our attention at the event.
Links to everything we discuss can be found below!

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180: A Comic Goes To Die

We are back with a full episode this week! Matt has moved to America and is still working on finding a good place to record so forgive his not so wonderful audio quality in this episode.

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179: Mattiple Mattgasm

An exciting episode this week! Just kidding, you’ll see ūüėČ

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Necronominom 16: Se7en and the Deadly Sins

What’s in the box? A new episode of Necronominom! This week we talk about the famous ending of Se7en and journey through Purgatory with the sinners.

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178: Question Time, Question Time

This week you’re the star of the show! As long as you’re one of the people who submitted a question for us. Hooray for you! And if you’re not one of those people there’s always next time. Literally next week, because it’s going to be a weekly thing now. Hooray again!

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177: Where Do Baby Pokemon Come From?

Pokémon Go has taken the pokéworld by pokéstorm! There is so much pokénews to get through, I dunno how we pokémanaged to talk about anything else in this pokéepisode.

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Necronominom 15: Scream and Copy-Cat Killers

Do you like scary movies? We do! That’s why we are back to talk about them again! This week, we are discussing the 1996 comedy slasher film, Scream, the inspiration for the film and real life copy cat killers.

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