Necronominom 10: The Conjuring, the Story Behind the Film and the Warren Case Files

Are you afraid of ghosts? Do exorcisms frighten you? In this episode we explore what scares people. Other people, not us; We don’t get scared.

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166: Japairport

Luke finally follows through on something… right before he leaves us for Japan. We think he might be auditioning for an anime with his uniquely European appearance.

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165: The Dolphin Abort Code

Luke is off the menu, ladies and gentlemen. In this episode, we give out some listener advice for a strong and healthy marriage while still maintaining your gamerscore.
We are also now holding a competition for his new nickname; currently topping the charts is Cripple McCripface.

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Necronominom 9: Alien Quadrilogy, the Films and their Production

Matt and Jenna watched Alien, Aliens, Alien 3 and Alien: Resurrection all for this one episode. That’s a lot of hours spent watching Sigourney Weaver climb in and out of escape pods while being hunted.
We hope you enjoy it! Matt knows a lot of trivia about this franchise so it’s a longer episode.
Write in and let us know how you rank the Alien films!
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164: Mickey Woonie is Right

Even been bitten by a snake? Neither have we. Ever been sent to a psychiatric hospital after starring in a Star Wars film? Neither have we. Ever had a life like sex doll of your deceased lover constructed for you? Neither have we. Ever thought Scarlet Johansson was Japanese? Neither have we. But we did talk about all this stuff, and more!

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163: Fifty Four Bads

Matt and Luke join you for another week of poopy socks and bad livers.

Be warned: 45:05 – 45:43 contains a Batman V Superman spoiler

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Necronominom 8: Phantoms and Mass Disappearances

This week we discuss the 1998 film, Phantoms, based on the 1983 novel of the same name by Dean Koontz.
We also go into some mysterious historical mass disappearances.


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162: Multiple Nerdgasm V Zack Snyder

Beware of Batman V Superman spoilers from 6:48 to 34:10 but we accidentally spoke about superheroes throughout most of the episode. Hopefully Luke doesn’t get in trouble off his mum.

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161: The Court of Common Sense

What happens when Matt misses a week of recording? Luke and Dan introduce a new segment in which they use bad mental mathematics to calculate the amount you should sue for.

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Necronominom 7: Midnight Meat Train, Film vs Short Story

We watched (and read) Clive Barker’s Midnight Meat Train for this week’s episode.
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