120: Dracula vs The Nazis

Multiple Nerdgasm: your source for the most up to date Nic Cage news! What’s that? There isn’t any? What are we going to do with this jingle?! Read More →


119: iSummon

Hopefully everyone enjoyed watching iSummon. It’s now in audio podcast form! Read More →

118: Maintenance Suck Cut

Multiple Nerdgasm thinks you should listen to this episode with no pants on. Read More →

117: More Mullets

Dan is back and just in time for Matt’s special Star Wars interview Read More →

116: Sexy Lady Luke

Let’s just give Terry his own show already. Read More →

115: The Truth Behind John Halo

This week’s episode is full of betrayal: Luke betraying Matt, Matt betraying Dan, thieves betraying our listeners and everyone betraying Terry Smallshoe. Read More →

114: Jar Jar Binks with a Gun in His Mouth

Weesa Baaaaack! Read More →

113: Remember That Time Vol. 2

Yayyy! Another best of! Everyone is in a different time zone this week so this is the best content we could come up with. Read More →

112: Serial Special

This episode is all about the 12 episode true crime podcast Serial. It contains spoilers so if you haven’t listened to it yet, check it out first. Read More →

111: Channum Tating

Here is a short-ish episode because Dan and Matt are both away Read More →

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