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Matt is a musician from Sydney Australia. He makes music for games and movies and stuff. He also plays a lot of video games, watches a lot of movies, reads a lot of books and talks about himself in the third person.

185: Pokemon Go… Away

There’s a new iPhone, Apple Watch and some other stuff, plus we talk about games, movies, TV and all the usual nerdy stuff. Oh and Dan is back and Matt is in New York. Exciting times!

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184: Elephenpenis

It’s just Luke and Matt this week unfortunately, Dan is off adventuring in the wilds again. We’ve done our best to hold the fort with a tasteful blend of video game news and the ever popular penis news. Enjoy!

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183: The Dragon Strap-On

Whether you’re the original version of yourself or simply a copy constructed during the process of teleportation, we think you’ll enjoy this week’s episode. If you’ve ever wanted to hear Matt admit he plays a sport, Luke talk about what he’d do with a copy of himself, or Dan eat some soup – we’ve got you covered.

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Necronominom 17: The Texas Chainsaw Massacre and Ed Gein – the ghoul who inspired the film

On this month’s Necronominom we discuss one of the most influential horror films of all times and one of the most influential killers of all time: The Texas Chainsaw Massacre and Ed Gein.

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182: Plan Old Man

Throw on your favourite superhero costume, grab a laser pointer and disguise yourself as an elderly man, it’s time for another episode of Multiple Nerdgasm!

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Boston Comic Con

Jenna and Matt headed to Boston Comic Con this weekend!
Check out what we thought and what caught our attention at the event.
Links to everything we discuss can be found below!

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179: Mattiple Mattgasm

An exciting episode this week! Just kidding, you’ll see 😉

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178: Question Time, Question Time

This week you’re the star of the show! As long as you’re one of the people who submitted a question for us. Hooray for you! And if you’re not one of those people there’s always next time. Literally next week, because it’s going to be a weekly thing now. Hooray again!

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171: Ice Throat

As usual our listeners have sent in some weird stuff for us to talk about, and we’re incredibly grateful. This episode is a whole hour late because Matt can’t be trusted to post it on time. That’s the last time Jenna trusts me to do anything. I could have lied about it I suppose, but I’m an honest man.

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Necronominom 12: The Conjuring 2 and the Enfield Poltergeist

The sequel to the smash hit “The Conjuring” is here and we discuss the film and also the true story upon which it was based. Have you ever experienced a spook, spectre or ghost? Please write in and let us know what you’ve experienced.

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