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Matt is a musician from Sydney Australia. He makes music for games and movies and stuff. He also plays a lot of video games, watches a lot of movies, reads a lot of books and talks about himself in the third person.

87: Dead Sexy

We’re back and we’ve brought our Kickstarter campaign with us! If you’re enjoying the show and you’d like to get involved then please head on over and contribute. We’ll love you forever, or at least until tomorrow morning.
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85: Kickstopper

If you’ve ever backed something on Kickstarter and have it blow up in your face (and we think everyone probably has by now) then this is the episode for you! We also Xboner news, Doom 4, Watch Doge, Dark Souls, Planet of the Apes and a whole lot more.

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84: Rob O’Tech

Dan went to China, Steam had a sale, Muppets were wanted mostly and a name change led to some unintended yet comical consequences! All that and more on this weeks hilarious* episode of Multiple Nerdgasm!

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83: Nailed By The Falcon

We had some minor technical issues with this episode which delayed it’s release. If this was the show I’d regret using that sentence. This week we discuss SupaNova and Stan Lee, Star Wars, Watch Doge, The greatest movies of all time and much more!

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82: Degrasse Junior Tyson

It’s been a little while but we’re back! We discuss everything from aliens to Amazon this week, including some pedantic nonsense about how to pronounce people’s names. Joy!

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81: Misunderestimated

Star Wars Episode VII is happening right now! Even Dave is getting excited so that says a lot. We also discuss Satanists, ET, Dogecar, some other games and movies but mostly Star Wars.

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80: I Don’t Know and I Don’t Care

Harrison Ford tells it like it is this week!

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79: Multiple Dogegasm

Matt, Dan, Dave and Luke discuss Occulus Rift and Facebook, TMNT, Nymphomaniac, some classic games and Matt attempts to explain Doge.
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78: President Weevil

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Multiple Nerdgasm

77: The Search for Episode 76

If it feels like it’s been a long time since we posted an episode, that’s because it has.
We have a lost episode! Due to technological issues outside of our control (the app we use to record the Skype audio apparently just doesn’t work anymore) we have had to bid farewell to Episode 76.

But don’t despair because we worked things out and we have a new episode! And this one is actually better than that episode was anyway. It really is, trust me.
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