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Matt is a musician from Sydney Australia. He makes music for games and movies and stuff. He also plays a lot of video games, watches a lot of movies, reads a lot of books and talks about himself in the third person.

171: Ice Throat

As usual our listeners have sent in some weird stuff for us to talk about, and we’re incredibly grateful. This episode is a whole hour late because Matt can’t be trusted to post it on time. That’s the last time Jenna trusts me to do anything. I could have lied about it I suppose, but I’m an honest man.

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Necronominom 12: The Conjuring 2 and the Enfield Poltergeist

The sequel to the smash hit “The Conjuring” is here and we discuss the film and also the true story upon which it was based. Have you ever experienced a spook, spectre or ghost? Please write in and let us know what you’ve experienced.

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Necronominom 11: Sinister, Snuff Films and the Boogieman

Have you ever seen a snuff film? On this episode we discuss one of our favourite recent horror films: Sinister. We look at the story behind the film and the mythology that inspired it.

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164: Mickey Woonie is Right

Even been bitten by a snake? Neither have we. Ever been sent to a psychiatric hospital after starring in a Star Wars film? Neither have we. Ever had a life like sex doll of your deceased lover constructed for you? Neither have we. Ever thought Scarlet Johansson was Japanese? Neither have we. But we did talk about all this stuff, and more!

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160: Variations on Seaward

Luke’s away this week so Matt and Dan catch up on ninjas, convicted sandwich vendors, pizza delivery robots, video games, movies and the dictionary!

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Necronominom 6: Drag Me To Hell and Gypsy Curses

This episode we discuss Drag Me To Hell, the 2009 film directed by Sam Raimi. This film is a favourite of ours so we hope you enjoy.

Apologies for Jenna’s audio in this episode – we had a technical malfunction with her equipment. Back to normal next episode!

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Necronominom 5: The Ninth Gate and Religious Symbols

Matt and Jenna discuss The Ninth Gate, a horror/thriller by director Roman Polanski. We go into a lot of detail about the symbolism and mythology behind the film so this is our longest and most detailed episode yet.

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Necronominom and the future of Multiple Nerdgasm!

As you may have noticed we have a new podcast on the site: The Necronominom Podcast. The Necronominom Podcast is a film review podcast hosted by Matt and Jenna. Matt you already know as one of the hosts of The Multiple Nerdgasm Podcast, Jenna you have heard before as the narrator of Tempting Fate, and both are staples of the specials channel as part of Read More →

Necronominom 2: Deathgasm

In our second episode we review the new film from writer director Jason Lei Howden: Deathgasm.
Deathgasm is a horror/comedy film that was created as part of the Make My Horror Film competition in New Zealand.

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Necronominom 1: The Hateful Eight

Welcome to the first episode of The Necronominom Podcast! In this episode we review Tarantino’s new film, The Hateful Eight.
Be gentle; we are still finding our feet.
Special thanks to Village Roadshow for inviting us to the Australian Premiere.

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