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Episode 16

The latest episode of your favourite podcast is now available! Well, we assume it’s your favourite. It should be. This week we discuss: The Xbox 720 and it’s apparent anti-used game system Minecraft X-Com UFO: Enemy Unknown Silent Hill George Lucas retires! (probably he doesn’t) The PS Vita Luke’s new E-Reader As always you can find us on iTunes by clicking on the giant Space Read More →

Episode 15

Due to technical difficulties we weren’t able to provide an episode last week and we apologise profusely. This week we’re back though! This week’s episode is a grab bad of topics covering film, games, MMA and bestiality, so you’re in for quite a treat!

Episode 14

We’re back! Happy New Year to you all! Lots of different stuff this week! Video game ads Out attire and Luke’s lack thereof Aliens and Prometheus Indiana Jones UFO Alien Unknown A few other games we’ve been playing Terraria The Steam sale Halo Anniversary Asia Shadow Era and Magic the Gathering Dungeons and Dragons Batman Fan Films… again And here are some of the videos Read More →