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154: Check Your Friend’s Prostate

Happy Valentine's Day! Grab a buddy and make sure you are both cancer free. Multiple Nerdgasm cares about your health and we don't think just anyone should be touching you in your nether regions. Read More
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153: Days of Thunder Down Under

Luke and Matt are here to ease you through the (temporary) loss of Dan, who we can only assume got held up at customs declaring all of his new Mormon wives. Read More
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4: Darkness Falls

Matt and Jenna discuss Darkness Falls, the 2003 film written by Joe Harris and directed by Jonathan Liebesman, in which the "Tooth Fairy" murders children who see her face. Read More
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Big Head Mode Episode #134 – Powers

Jenna joined the hosts of Big Head Mode for a chat on their radio show and the episode is now available as a podcast! This episode includes Life is Strange, Gone Home and video game powers and is hosted by Ben O'Brien, Carlo Ritchie and Jenna Allen. Read More
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152: RTX Australia

While Dan ran off to Utah to find a few wives, Matt, Luke and Jenna went to the Rooster Teeth Expo in Sydney and they are here to tell you all about it. Read More
  • The Necronominom Podcast

2: Deathgasm

In our second episode we review the new film from writer director Jason Lei Howden: Deathgasm. Deathgasm is a horror/comedy film that was created as part of the Make My Horror Film competition in New Zealand. Read More
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