109: Karate Kid Embargo

Luke tells all what he would do to his mother if she took his phone away (sorry Carol) Read More →

108: Penile Stigma

Racism doesn’t exist anymore! Just play with your cat! But don’t get too comfortable because somebody might be coming to chop off your dick. Read More →

107: Menorah-tration

This episode is mostly about racism, sectarianism and giant dicks. Oh and Ponies. There are some Ponies too. Read More →

106: Vanilla Ice Wide Open

Luke learns he isn’t on the the shortlist for the Mars One mission so he lashes out with some Earthly criminal advice Read More →

105: In the Snush

50% cast members, 100% funny Read More →

104: Some Kind of Little Dragon

This episode sees the beginning of our new segment where Luke will tell you why criminals are stupid and how he could have done it better. Read More →

103: Cover Your Dick

This week on Multiple Sexgasm we discuss acid burnt penises, nude twins, sexy prison escapes and George Lucas. Read More →

102: Worst Than Elmo

The movie industry sucks, that is, unless you can make some great fan fiction! Carol from Sydney you’d better not be listening. Read More →

101: Lessons in Multiple Nerdgasm

We’ve finally made it to the triple digits! This week we discuss failures in Kickstarters, town names and keeping infidelities a secret. Read More →

100: One Hundred Bloody Poidcasts

Against all odds and our own better judgement we’ve made it to one hundred episodes! Thanks to everyone for listening, if you’ve been with us since episode one then please write in because we’d like to thank you personally on the next episode: [email protected] Read More →

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