135: Just the Two of Us

It’s two thirds week at Multiple Nerdgasm and Luke and Matt are here to please your ears with a quickie. Read More →

134: Band-AIDs Solution

Technology and sex collide this week on episode 134. Mostly technology collides with dicks, provided you’re old enough to have grown yours. Read More →

133: The Determinator

Grab your cape and head to the graveyard, it’s time for another episode of Multiple Nerdgasm! Read More →

132: I’m Just Luke First

We are back for another episode filled with dolphin sex, penis islands and black presidents. Read More →

131: Peter Cushing Deserves a Big Dick

Show your Nerdgasm support by changing your Facebook profile picture to a topless nerd. Read More →

130: #MattMakesASandwich

Seems as if Matt is headed to Mars! Maybe he’s not aware yet that there is no need to go all that way: he can buy a simulated Martian appendage right here on Earth. Read More →

129: Spoil Me Like an Inside Dog

Okay you Hollywood bigwigs, see what ideas you can get out of us in this episode. And can someone send this episode along to James Wan and rub Luke’s tummy? Read More →

128: Korean BJ Time

Set your clocks back 30 minutes and listen to this episode again! Read More →

127: A Few Sneaky Bingos

Head on down to the senior citizen’s hall, slip the pretty lady some cash and watch the money roll in. If that fails, here is a new episode to entertain you. Read More →

126: Do Catfish Have Scottish Accents?

It’s a cryptological week here at Multiple Nerdgasm and we’ve got all the latest news regarding our maybe imaginary animal friends. Also pop singers who died years ago, eating disorders, black face and old movies. Oh and some video games and stuff. Read More →

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