195: Teledildonics

Luke and Dan take the reigns this week for your usual dose of game, film, tv and dick news!

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194: Cats in Human Clothing

Pop a tie on your cat, sit down and enjoy this latest episode of your favourite podcast!

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193: Awesome Wells

Come up with a Multiple Nerdgasm cocktail and Luke will drink it! Just keep your dirty Muppet arms away from him.

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Rhode Island Comic Con with Jenna and Matt

Jenna and Matt attended Rhode Island Comic Con – a three day, star studded event in Providence, Rhode Island.
We’ve got interviews with Roy Thomas and Bill Diamond as well as coverage of the convention and some of the awesome people we met and interacted with over the weekend.

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192: Mister Cism

It’s a strange episode this week… that’s a clever joke based on one of the topics we discussed. You’ll have to figure out what it is on your own but I’ll give you a hint: it’s Doctor Strange.
Also video games and other movies and tech and silly news and all the usual stuff from around the globe!

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191: Teefappening

The triforce of Multiple Nerdgasm is back! (That means we’re all here this week.)
It was halloween so we chat about that a bit and then jump into this weeks nerdy news and updates!

We’re excited about our new sponsor: Teepublic! Head over to our merch store there and check them out – they have some fantastic stuff available.


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190: The Old Switcheroo

Luke poses an important philosophical question to start things off this week, then we dive into a tonne of video game related talk including Red Dead Redemption 2 and the Nintendo Switch!

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Interview: Ryan Wing – The October Ghost vs. The League of Horror

Matt and Luke chat with Ryan Wing – creator writer and illustrator of The October Ghost vs. The League of Horror.
Join us as we chat about comics, halloween, movies and beer!

Head over to Kickstarter and take a gander at The October Ghost vs. The League of Horror, Ryan’s new graphic novel project:
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Necronominom 19: Pumpkinhead and Carving Pumpkins

It’s our Halloween special! Learn all about why we plunge knives into pumpkins every year and listen to the tale of Pumpkinhead.

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189: Cripple4 Kenobi

Keep an open mind as well as open ears this week because we’ve got some cryptozoological updates for you!

Also there’s a bunch of Star Wars talk (no surprise there) and some TV shows, films and clown news. Yes, unfortunately there’s more clown news.

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