Interview: Ryan Wing – The October Ghost vs. The League of Horror

Matt and Luke chat with Ryan Wing – creator writer and illustrator of The October Ghost vs. The League of Horror.
Join us as we chat about comics, halloween, movies and beer!

Head over to Kickstarter and take a gander at The October Ghost vs. The League of Horror, Ryan’s new graphic novel project: Read More →

Necronominom 19: Pumpkinhead and Carving Pumpkins

It’s our Halloween special! Learn all about why we plunge knives into pumpkins every year and listen to the tale of Pumpkinhead.

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189: Cripple4 Kenobi

Keep an open mind as well as open ears this week because we’ve got some cryptozoological updates for you!

Also there’s a bunch of Star Wars talk (no surprise there) and some TV shows, films and clown news. Yes, unfortunately there’s more clown news.

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188: Methanpheta-cream

We’re back in our respective countries and time zones and we’ve recorded a brand new episode just for you! Yes you!
This week there’s a lot of discussion about Dan and Luke’s trip to visit Matt in America, lots of news and some movie and game talk.

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Interview: Joseph Schmalke – Whore of Babylon

Matt and Jenna talk with Joseph Schmalke, comic book author and illustrator.

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This week we… didn’t record an episode. Everybody was in America for Matt and Jenna’s wedding and we just couldn’t find time to make it happen. So instead here is a recording of Matt and Dan apologizing. Back to normal next week, we promise!

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187: Rawgasm

Luke is slowly closing in on Matt’s location and was able to join us via Skype this week. We recorded the call so we’ve had to do away with some of the editing magic you may be used to. This episode is straight off the hot Skype!

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Necronominom 18: 31 and Halloween Kidnappings

In this month’s Necronominom Matt and Jenna discuss 31, the latest film by Rob Zombie. They also look into the statistic that inspired the film: that more people go missing on Halloween than any other night of the year!

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186: Space Idiots

Luke is motor-scootering his way across America to get to Matt so he was unable to record this episode. That’s okay! Dan and Matt had quite a lot to say on the subject of idiots and beautiful people.

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185: Pokemon Go… Away

There’s a new iPhone, Apple Watch and some other stuff, plus we talk about games, movies, TV and all the usual nerdy stuff.¬†Oh and Dan is back and Matt is in New York. Exciting times!

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